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„Selur Pharma” Ltd was established in 2007, as a result of research and development project implementation aimed at the use of the latest scientific achievements in the field of probiotics and synbiotics. Premise

Production facilities are located in the town of Razgrad, main activity is scientific research and manufacturing activity, focused on creation of healthy food in the form of food supplements.

Advanced technology and up-to-date equipment by leading manufacturers in the world as KILIAN, BOSCH, VIRTIS, IL SHIN, HITACHI, HITEMA, CECCATO allow to produce freeze dried substances all alone, mainly on the base of special strains of lactic acid bacteria, selected by our microbiologists from pristine areas in Bulgaria and abroad.

Our team includes high-qualified specialists, experienced in biotechnology, biobased products and drug products. They used the most modern technologies in development and implementation of new probiotic and synbiotic products as sachets, capsules and tablets.Selur-pharma

We develop proprietary products based on medicinal herbs, prebiotics, plant extracts, mushroom extracts, vitamins and minerals. Synbiotic products combine positive features of lactic acid bacteria in combination with specific curative effect of natural products as Ginseng, John's-wort, pectin, biotorin, palatinose, chitosan, inuline, corn-steep and grape seed extracts, rose oil.

Our company owns branded strains of lactic acid bacteria with unique properties, tested by controlled clinical trial in Spain and Slovenia and registered in the National Bank for Industrial Microorganisms and Cell Cultures.

Product list of the company includes tablets with Ginkgo biloba, John's-wort, vitamin Ŕ, vitamin Ń, vitamin Ĺ, beta-carotene, biotorin, pectin with vitamin Ń, as well as capsules from the series Lyolact with freeze dried substance of lactic acid bacteria as a main ingredient, own production, combined with different prebiotic food supplements.Selur-pharma

Production zone of the company is organized in the following manner: In the production premises „Fermentation” there are 2 bioreactors with 70 l capacity per cycle, each, providing intermediate product for 2 freeze dryers „Vir Tis” (USA) and „IL SHIN” (Holland) with total capacity – up to 100 kg dry product monthly.

The end product – freeze dried substance is kept vacuumized in PVA bags in freezers. In a special ventilated area we prepare the blends for finished products, where are placed an industrial sieving machine, a rotating milling machine and a mixing machine - „Turbula”-type.
Finished products – capsules and tablets are produced on a rotary tablet-press „Killian” and capsule filling machine „Bosch”.

Selur-pharmaBulk capsules and tablets are packed in blisters on blister packaging machine „Hofliger&Karg”.

Finished products are kept in a refrigerating chamber for low-temperature storage and freezing.

The whole building is air-conditioned. Quality control is guaranteed by one physicochemical and two microbiological laboratories, equipped with two laminar boxes, autoclave, thermostats, shakers, refrigerating centrifuge. Thanks to the high level of the technical equipment, along with state-of-the-industry analytical laboratory, biochemical and microbiological laboratories, we guarantee the highest quality of our products. Selur-pharma


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